I have a playful nature, and I have always been attracted to color and decorative compositions. As such, the images I produce are often a colorful visual representation of my whimsical state of mind.  Over the past few years, I have been inspired by shapes of all kinds, both found in nature, and man made. I look for patterns when constructing a photograph, so finding the right subject is key! I allow the viewer to look at a section of something much larger or smaller, creating an illusion of shapes, scale, or textures. When I photograph plants, I specifically look for interesting textures and colors on the leaves or petals and from there I let my eye do the rest! 

While my concepts may vary, I stay consistent with color correction and I never allow my viewer to get bored!  A pretty picture is just that...pretty. I use photography alongside of other mediums to break the boundaries of what some may call a "pretty" image into a realm of altered reality that I produce through photo manipulation. Being a child of the digital age, I am constantly intrigued by the boundless posiblilities of creation, and I am always looking for new ways to broaden my artistic experience. Outside of my conceptual and artistic work, I photograph weddings and events of all kinds! Weddings are special to me, as I feel it is a privelage to be a part of my clients special day! If you have any questions about my wedding photography, please send me an email!