I have a playful nature, and I have always been attracted to color and decorative compositions. As such, the images I produce often represent my whimsical state of mind and being true to myself in the concepts I create. Sometimes, there is even a darkness to my work, and I am fascinated by the concepts juxtaposition to bright colors. Over the past few years, I have been inspired by shapes of all kinds, both found in nature, and man made. I believe the female form is of the most beautiful organic shapes. I believe every woman is her own goddess and what we face internally might disrupt our natural element and outward appearance. This being said, I am intrigued by gender roles within the human condition. 


While my concepts may vary, I stay consistent with color and pay close attention to detail. A pretty picture is just that...pretty. I use photography alongside of other mediums to break the boundaries of what some may call a "pretty" image into a realm of altered reality  that I produce through photo manipulation. Being a child of the digital age, I am constantly intrigued by the boundless posiblilities of creation, and I am always looking for new ways to broaden my artistic experience.